Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Toon 4/20/05 Toon in progress

I can't brag that I can suffer a cold well, although I try not to complain too loudly in my misery. Over the past two days I've drank enough Dayquil to put a Meth Lab out of business. It helps to stay away from illuminated computer screens, as staring into Blogger for too long in this state tends to burn an image onto the back screen of one's brain.

I've backtracked and added the past few days worth of toons to the blog. Today's toon, which is a bit involved, is still in process.

Cardinal Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI, and that's wonderful news for Christians everywhere. One reason Pope John Paul II attracted so many younger people to the church was his well known wealth of apologetics, something Benedict XVI shares in common. In a world of relativism, our last two Popes offer scholarly authority to those searching for sound reasons for their faith.

Purists would be horrified by the way I construct my cartoons. I ink with a red Marvy marker assisted by dollops of correction fluid, all plied mostly on graph paper (many times drawing on both sides of a sheet of paper) which I then scan into Photoshop and arrange using the layers palette. This technique allows me the freedom to construct a better snoze for Ms. StarMole on the back of a bank deposit envelope while waiting on a red light. The challenge is not to misplace or forget about these various scribblings, which are like mysterious pieces to a puzzle of which I've never seen the cover. If anyone ever wished to buy one of my original cartoons I'd have to sell it to them in a shoebox.

While the cartoons are a constructed collage, my pencil drawings are done whole. Here's a drawing in progress of Michelangelo's Pieta (pity) which I started a few days ago (seeing the original at the 1964 New York World's Fair is one of my earliest memories)-

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