Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Briggs and Stratton Uber Alles

Today's a day to cut grass and write bills, and to perform a little cyber-maintenance as well. This includes thanking-

Highway 777, for including faithmouse as an RSS feed and actually getting the feedburner code to display the toon on their site-

To Stacy Harp for the nice commentary regarding the graphic I created for her site, which also serves as today's cartoon and as a promo graphic for any other Christian blogger who would like to purloin it's use-

To Mr. End The Christian Right (.org) for his recent Faithmouse Uber Alles (faithmouse over all) post which makes the indirect charge that in a heavily stylized toon from a few weeks ago Faith is actually sporting an, um, swastika. Nods also to The Rain Barrel and The 522 for recent and decidedly friendlier faithmouse activity.

While we're on the subject, I've received a number of emails condemning Mr. Coyle's continuing commentary. The repeated assertion is that Shawn is so over the top, nothing he posts should be taken seriously. In my own continuing quest to evangelize the cartoon, Shawn is helping to take my characters into places they probably wouldn't think to visit. All I can say to that is...thanks!

Here's an email from a long time supporter of the cartoons with a nifty suggestion at the end-

I applaud you for the way you (are handling) the guy from Well done sir!
On another note, you mentioned you were planning to do another Canadian cartoon. I thought that the events yesterday regarding the Air France plane that crashed in Toronto, Ontario would serve as excellent material. All 300+ (yes, every one) of the passengers escaped. Not a single person died in the crash or ensuing fire. It was a real miracle, with fewer than 30 of them sustaining minor injuries. It was truly the hand of God at work, and I thought the subject might make for an excellent cartoon by a talented artist like yourself. Keep up the good work! ~Rob Phillips

Good suggestion. Tomorrow's toon is decided then. I'll mentally configure the image whilst whistling the rousing Lawnmower Uber Alles.

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