Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Sad to think that violent jihadists have more in common with us morally than many of our own countrymen.

Updates on Dianisis and the continuing Planned Parenthood 'A Superhero For Choice' expose can be found at Dawn Eden's The Dawn Patrol, in addition to many other stories and issues confronting the socially aware Christian. To one degree or another, that's all of us. Dawn's current post concerns former Saturday Night Live alumni Julia Sweeney, who's book debasing Christianity has earned her a curtaincall on the Christian bashing interview circuit.

Tim at Pro Life Blogs has posted the PP toon from last week, as well as a link to Dawn's information. Thanks to Serene Rachel for the kind mention on her blog, as well as to Christian Today which has added selected faithmouse toons to their cartoon page. Greetings to Catholic Shirts Online, which has added faithmouse as their daily cartoon. KC of Extreme Truths posts a comparison between yesterday's NARAL lie and the truth.

Don't forget...we'll be seeing you at the Pro-Choice riot!

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