Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Toon 8/9/5 Panned Parenthood

Today's cartoon references the touted/jettisoned Planned Parenthood cartoon which encouraged violence against peaceful Pro-Life protestors. This article at The Media Report sums up the continuing silence...

I first learned of the story by way of the very capable Mark Nicodemo's blog. Dawn Eden broke the story and offered assistance during research for the cartoon; her Dawn Patrol site features a number of video captures from the original flash animation, which I largely relied upon as I had a rotten time displaying the Quicktime video. I also made use of Saint Kansas' post of the decapitation of Mr. Blue, the most unfortunate of the anti-abortion hicks. I suspect Mr. Blue was originally a priest, but the artist backed off the presentation, not wishing to alienate some highly secularized and PP friendly clergy. The storefront is modeled after the same in the animation.

Mr apologies to our friends at Something Awful who I notice are ruminating over the mysterious meaning of a number of older toons and possibly wondering whatever became of the promised SpongeBob cartoon. Unfortunately I just had a grand idea for a cartoon concerning those nine female pseudo Catholic clergy self-ordained in a boat in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River.....

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