Monday, June 05, 2006

Die Wahrheit Macht Frei, In Progress

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Draft of a cartoon on the subject of Pope Benedict XVI's recent visit to Auschwitz. Should have the finished version posted late tonight. Die wahrheit macht frei translates as the truth shall set you free, the John 8:32 verse which became the German arbeit macht frei, a German peasant saying which was later incorporated by the Nazis as the entrance slogan at several concentration camps. It's telling that one of the most evil places in history has as its greeting a secularized and twisted application of the promise of Christianity.

I'm finishing the Officer Gilchrist and Sevo memorial portrait begun a little over a month ago. Below is a drawing which I plan to incorporate into the final version. Puppy Sevo will be running into these hands, and then I'll have a 'cameo' of Officer Gilchrist and his current dog Buddy in the upper right corner of the drawing.


As you can see, I'm not concerned about using today's 666 date. If anything, the number is a constant reminder to me as to who gets to claim the final victory (good guys win). To mark the date, I've let it stand prominently in the drawing above. Evil has no hands to use but our own.

You know, I've forgotten all about that cake/bread.

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