Friday, June 02, 2006

The Madonna's True Confessional Tour

the madonna's true confessional tour

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Have a few revisions in mind for today's new Father Augustine the Cat cartoon, which I'll try to get to later this evening. Image revised 1 A.M. Saturday.

Thanks to Dawn Eden for displaying yesterday's Ben Kessler cartoon. A hat tip to Stella Borealis and Barb at SFO Mom for doing the same. Much appreciated. Big Mike Thompson is displaying the older Chill In The Air cartoon, alongside a link to an interesting story about Christianity and the Colorado Rockies baseball francaise. Angel Queen has posted both the Stella banner I designed a few weeks ago and the report Ray wrote on a recent funeral service at St. Joan Of Arc Church here in the Twin Cities area. Hedgehodge Lover at LiveJournal displays the We're Going To The Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Party! cartoon from last year. Nicole B at As My World Turns has added faithmouse to her blogroll. Eisbrecher at the German bLOGgy (adult content) has posted the Da Vinci Commode cartoon. Thanks!

No new cartoon for tomorrow; however, the original faithmouse and I are hosting the second meeting of the Stella Borealis Northland Catholic Roundtable, which I'll report on with perhaps an embarrassing pic or two. I have a few pieces in progress, including the Armel/Garbarino memorial portrait and the most recent Ms. StarMole cartoon, wherein she deletes a previous version of herself using Photoshop. I also have a Pope Benedict/Rainbow/Auschwitz cartoon in mind, although it hasn't progressed any father than the back of my occipital lobe at the moment...

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