Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June 13, 2006 - Memorial of St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony of Padua, priest and doctor of the church

Click cartoon to view larger image.

Thought it might be fun to draw a cartoon or two in tune with the Liturgical calendar. Chris and I have had the good fortune to visit the tomb of St. Anthony, which is located inside of the basilica which bears his name in Padua, Italy. The church in the cartoon is a simplified version of that same building (not actually red, but the color looks good aside a big green cat). I'll find and post a few photos from that visit sometime later today.

Thanks to Barb for posting the above image on her SFO Mom , as well as to Carolina Cannonball at The Crescat for doing the same.

Inside of a brochure we picked up at the Basilica. Click for larger.

I didn't take any photographs inside the church itself, but this image from the brochure has a decent photograph of the tomb of St. Anthony. Click to view a much larger image.

Directly behind this family is the Chapel of the Treasury, which displays the tongue, jawbone and vocal chords of the saint.

Photo I took inside one of the Basilica's courtyards. Click for larger.

Photo from a cafe across the street. Click for larger.

Photo of a very young priest who was sitting outside the cafe with his friends. Click for larger.

The Basilica of St. Anthony has an exceptionally informative web site, which includes a virtual tour, images of the church for your desktop (I recommend the sensational Presbiterio) and a live webcam of the outside of the Basilica, the latter situated at a vantage point somewhere above the cafe in the previous photographs. Fellow U.S. Midwesterners should add seven hours to deduce Padua time.

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