Sunday, June 04, 2006


Chris and I were blessed to host a meeting of the Stella Borealis Northland Catholic Roundtable yesterday evening here in the wooded outer orbit of the Twin Cities and its much abuzzed Catholic community. I played Stanley Kowalski to a room full of Tennessee Williamses. Our house creaked and swayed from the weight of combined intellect and sincere dissertation. It was a very successful get-together-I ended up with a bunch of free pastry and fresh ideas for future cartoons.

Ray at Stella Borealis arrived foremost bearing two pints of macaroni salad; different types I think. They were well sampled by the end of the evening. Nothing personal, but I have a childhood induced apprehension regarding cold pasta in mayonnaise.

Dan and Joy of Lumen Fedei brought a breakfast cake type cake, the remnants of which I'm currently enjoying for breakfast. Very good. It has bits of what look like ham but must be plum.

Judith and Mitchell Hadley of Our Word And Welcome To It brought both large chocolate covered cookies and some sort of cake/bread. I plan on posting a report on the latter, of which there is one piece remaining, sometime tomorrow.

Susan of Desperate Irish Housewife presented the gathering with a bottle of the infamous three buck chuck from our newly opened Trader Joe's market, which we assented to sample. It was a Charles Shaw 2005 California Chardonnay, a light white wine which in my opinion compares favorably to Blue Nun.

Scott Fischer at Viam Pacis was foistered with the remainders of much of the above and more (less the wine) for his ample household, a donation this Weight Watcher savvy twosome was more than happy to make. Its just too much of a temptation to have all this stuff calling out from our fridge at 3 A.M.

Again, I'll report on that cake/bread tomorrow...

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