Sunday, October 03, 2004

Into the Blog

After arm wrestling with Mambo Open Source for a few months ( which steadfastly refused to act like a proper HTML program) I've deferred my efforts to launch the long promised faithmouse blog to Blogger itself, which holds hands nicely throughout the entire process and doesn't care to challenge me with learning curves. Thank you, Blogger.

Chris and I returned from Niagara Falls in time to catch the first presidential debate. With the sparing now a few days in the rear view, the exchange of empathy regarding My Two Daughters plays foremost to memory. The Dad exchange was an island of non-confrontational calm during an hour and a half dominated by twirling Iraqi sabers. The President chose to rely largely upon sincerity and the power of personality to make point. His diction and delivery followed form and he exhibited rarely a verbal misstep. Senator Kerry, nervous at first, grew confident after the first half hour as he realized he had barely run dry of 'what ifs' and 'what might have beens.' His second guessing was relentless, and the President grew visibly bored of challenging his every thrust (a technique which doesn't fly well with those scoring debates.) The President played fair and did not attempt to circumvent Mr. Lehrer's biased line of questioning, which spared Mr. Kerry of questions regarding his Vietnam service and lengthy anti-defense voting record. The President seemed intent upon affecting the broadest impression on undecideds, and rarely challenged the Senator on more than a few of his faulty points of rhetoric.

So, first round Kerry seems to be the media mantra, although I doubt the impact will be lasting. Thirty days is the current definition of eternity.

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