Thursday, October 07, 2004

Self Portrait

In his surprising autobiography, Bob Dylan reveals that his favorite politician is Barry Goldwater, the man credited with herding the Republican Party to open territory and away from the east coast elitism which had compromised it's values during the 1950's.
This and other revelations largely explains Mr. Dylan's aloofness and avoidance of interviewers over the decades. In an unguarded moment, much of his career could come slipping out of his mouth. The media could learn to excuse Mr. Dylan's Christianity as an interesting but unfortunate artistic quirk, equal to his falling off of a motorcycle and disappearing for a year, but self proclaimed conservatism remains to this day a revelation safe only for those who have already scaled the mount of fame. As long as Mr. Zimmerman looked appropriately dour and scruffy while rasping his songs of freedom, he was free to daydream about a house with a white picket fence and other vestiges of the American dream.
The original faithmouse offers the wry observation that even she avoids discussing politics at work.

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