Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kerry Wins Debate

That's right, the most excellently named Hairy Kerry Spice Mouse clearly wins the interactive Humor Debate on (no relation.) Bushy-Tail mouse has some decent lines, such as 'The cat from Iraq is in my sack, and he's not going back, Jack!' but Hairy condescendingly delivers the much funnier soundbites, including a great one liner regarding WMD's.

Hairy Kerry's profile also includes this statement-
Kerry already has lots of cheese for himself, more cheese than any one mouse could ever eat, so he believes he should be elected so he can give cheese to poor mice who could use a good snack.

Great sentiments these, and overlooking the fact that this is the philosophical posture of a small stuffed toy, it's a statement worthy of the respect of any Christian regardless of denomination, political affiliation or animate status.
Under closer inspection please note that Hairy's success at either election or obscurity should in no way affect his stated goal 'to give cheese to poor mice who could use a good snack.' He is free to do this at anytime, regardless of political success. So, what does the Mr. Kerry doll want? For what noble cause does he suffer starched whiskers and incessant mousing? For the opportunity to give your cheese away, of course.
Which is why I suspect he is losing the non scientific poll paws down.

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