Thursday, October 28, 2004

Of Christ and Hitler

I've received a few hearty emails in response to a post yesterday on the faithmouse cartoon site, which was itself a response to an earlier email. Here is the post in question,which begins with an email received a few days ago-

Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President

George Bush is not a Christian...
or if he is, he is still propagating evil.

You have been fooled, my friend,

You have been distracted by the "liberal vs conservative" sham...
Best regards..(moniker withheld)
PS -I read Lew Rockwell every day!
"The premier anti-state, anti-war and pro-market site on the net!"

Thanks for the email.
When I was a young atheist attending school in Southern California one of my favorite writers was Kurt Vonnegut, who I read up until about Slapstick. I believe it was in Cat's Cradle that Vonnegut made the comparison between war and icebergs, stating correctly that they were just as hard to stop. Vonnegut, a survivor of the Dresden fire bombing, had his heart in the right place. I'm sure Mr. Rockwell, Lord Chamberlain and all other vociferously anti-war politicians harbor the same dread of war and love of peace shared by the common man. The history of war in the twentieth century is of atheistic monsters such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao who slaughtered tens of millions, their harvest hedged only by the forces of Christianity and capitalism. Saddam Hussein despite shows of Islamic piety had no deity save himself and can be included in this sorry camaraderie. Click here for an article detailing how Saddam viewed himself as the new Nebuchadnezzar. Wherever people are held in bondage you will inevitably find that a Castro or Kim Chong-il is holding the keys. It is only the blood of true empathy which can free them.

'The limit imposed upon evil is ultimately divine mercy' -from Memory and Identity by Pope John Paul II.

My emailer reminded me that there are many sincere candidates in the Presidential race who receive as much attention from the the major media as does my cartoon. Therefore I'll include as many of them as I can in a nice cartoon in a day or two, and all under a protective blessing from Reverend Rhino. -Dan

As you can read from the post, I never said Hitler was an atheist. I said he was atheistic and there is a difference. Anti-Christian bigots work overtime to relate Hitler with Pat Robertson, but history isn't with them. Consider these articles of requirement from Hitler's National Reich Church-

1. The National Reich Church of Germany categorically claims the exclusive right and the exclusive power to control all churches . . .
13. The National Church demands the immediate cessation of the publishing and dissemination of the Bible
14. The National Church declares that to it, and therefore to the German nation, it has been decided that the Führer's Mein Kampf is the greatest of all documents. It ... embodies the purest and truest ethics for the present and future life of our nation.
18. The National Church will clear away from its alters all crucifixes. Bibles, and pictures of saints.
19. On the alters there must be nothing but Mein Kampf and to the left of the alter, a sword
30. On the day of its foundation, the Christian Cross must be removed from all churches, cathedrals and chapels ... and it must be superseded by the only unconquerable symbol, the swastika.
-from the Short Reports article Was Adolph Hitler a Christian?

Hitler's terrifying and genocidal Reich, purged of the Bible and it's Christ and with the Führer installed in His place as God, had no claim to the Christian message to word or in deed. Hitler's references to God in Mein Kampf or his claims to historical guidance and preeminence through the will of divinity are as valid again as the 'faith' of Saddam Hussein. The facts of history damn the ersatz invention of a Christian Hitler. These include the attempted assassination of Judaism and the 800 Christian pastors sent to concentration camps for bravely defying the Nietzschian God-Führer. None of these actions dovetail with the New Testament definition of true Christian character, which is secured firmly upon a foundation of love and charity. Even if failed artist Adolf was a closet Christian, he did a darn good job of keeping it to himself.

In Germany the physically handicapped, mentally ill, and others with so-called "worthless lives" are rounded up and sent to designated hospitals, where they are killed. Referred to by the Nazis as mercy killing and planned by Hitler's office and the Reich Interior Ministry, the "euthanasia" program will claim up to 275,000 lives when it goes into full swing.
-from Adolf Hitler's Killer File

History doesn't record every person who claims to be Jesus as Christ himself, but the revisionists try to extend this courtesy to Hitler ergo his claim to be 'Catholic' and despite his many anti-Christian statements including "(the) organized lie (of Christianity) must be smashed" so that the state would "remain the absolute master." Indeed, Hitler's actual statements and actions are much closer to the philosophy of our current crop of propagandizing atheists and their revered alters of absolute state secularism, than any nonexistent ideology of maniacal Rexism.

As for my 'stepping in the gap' statement, consider the millions saved from starvation by the completely altruistic Marshall Plan, John Kennedy's heroic Berlin air lift and face down of Communist Cuba, the prevention of the suffocation of what has remained free South Korea by the cult of the north, and the limited though positive influence capitalism has wrought upon the perpetrators of the Tiananmen Square massacre. When the Soviet Union finally fell so did it's institutionalized atheism and persecution of Christianity. These benefits are courtesy the Judeo Christian tradition and it's philosophical allies. Longer than ever the line of expatriates extends to these nations and not from them. The atheist nation-behemoths have crumbled, leaving despots and terror cells in their shadows.

Christians who believe the scripture we have been paid for with a price consider it a reference from which to gauge the fair market value of freedom. True freedom can only come from entering into a personal relationship with it's author. Such a relationship will inevitably place one into conflict with those who claim water is best drawn from an empty cistern.

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