Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Comments for the week of January 9, 2005

Ramblings for Sunday-
I'll relocate these comments to the blog this evening. It's our regular vowel movement, a habit of this site which constitutes our Sunday blogging constitutional.

Welcome to the right-on-the-mark and north-of-the-border Black Kettle and also to Mary's Hope4America Yahoo group, the latter to which I'm an infrequent contributor but daily peruser.

Ramblings for Saturday-
Welcome to our new link partner, the very enjoyable Among Wolves cartoon by Joseph Ward. Joe is another old Comic Sherpa comrade. After you've looked at Joe's site please check out Charles (Top Secret) Stouff's new Carneez toon. Best of luck on the new direction, Charles!

A faithmouse cartoon is included in a new Ratherbiased cartoon collection.

Ramblings for Thursday-
In response to a quote attributed to John Adams posted on a theophobe site and meant as evidence of Adams' anti-Christian sentiment, and also in honor our Prez's upcoming second Inauguration, I present this page in defense of the true beliefs of our second President.

Welcome to three new affiliates today - WhitleyWorld (libertarian) Missouri Conservative and ChristianTeen Network.

Ramblings for Tuesday-
Faithmouse has been stretched for bandwidth recently due to intense interest, a problem I imagine most cartoonists wouldn't mind having. I've pulled the 'past month' archive located on this site but left the Typepad site (a great gift from Stacy Harp...thanks Stacy!) as it doesn't require bandwidth from faithmouse.
So, if you copy any of the images from the Typepad site and post them using your own bandwidth, please remember to also post a return link to faithmouse, which is the only payment I ask for showing my work online. I've also removed a few of the galleries, perhaps only temporarily, just to see what the effect on my numbers are. I've also noticed that the old Comics Sherpa archive has fallen off the edge of the world- I'll try to find time to repost many of these older toons on the Typepad site as well. Also please note that hundreds of the older traditional format cartoons (the 'b' series) which I had collected into sets last year and was giving away for print reproduction have been pulled and are gone forever. Sorry, but I needed more lift in my balloon.

At the moment I'm working on four cartoons at once, which is why the site has seemed somewhat bottlenecked for new work. A few new emails have been added below; I've color coded them blue for quick perusal-Dan

Ramblings for Monday-
A hearty welcome to our new and refreshing Tall Glass of Milk.

Today's toon is the most recent in the current tsunami series. I'll dedicate a separate page to the series later this evening. -tsunami series

Our new 'puffing' (my, aren't we wonderful) quote is courtesy of Digital Chirper, who maintains Moe Lauzier's Issues of the Day (check out The Metaphorical Wall by Judge E. F. Harrington while you're there as well, a great primer on the modern fool's gold issue of 'the separation of Church and State'.) Now and then Digi posts a faithmouse cartoon on Mel's site. Thanks, Digi! Positive affirmations are highly appreciated.

I'd also like to thank emailer Mike T. for his observation that the earth would actually feel smoother than a croquet ball in one's hand, rather than 'just as smooth.' I'll change the wording on that toon...

The current series will not only go on for a while-it also denotes a change of direction for the cartoon. Up until now faithmouse has largely been composed of individual cartoons commenting on separate issues, punctuated with the occasion short series and the rarer longer series (the latter many a time left unfinished.) As a New Year's resolution I've decided to dedicate the cartoon to one continuous storyline. This tact will allow me to express more complex ideas over a longer time period. It will also accentuate the relationships between the characters. This last point is the most important, as character interaction is the engine which drives good fiction. -Dan

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