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'One of the most unusual and most delightful web sites around, is sure to become one of your favorites. There you'll meet a creative conservative Christian artist who has mixed the best of Bill Buckley and Bugs Bunny to come up with a great new hero whose comments on contemporary culture are of great value.' -Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Ministries

I am the chaplain of the (withheld) military Police Brigade (in a large Iraqi city.) Every day I brief my Colonel and our staff on activites involving religious support to our soldiers. I was wondering if I might use a few of your military Faithmouse cartoons to catch their attention. As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words" and I think that Faithmouse says a lot. Thanks for the support. Blessings, (name withheld)

You are on my of the few and the proud. If you want to add mine, feel free, if not, no big deal, I think your stuff is genius. The blogsphere could be the next great evangelistic tool as well as the greatest grassroots form of Christian activism since Luther. Thanks again and keep up the good work. God Bless, webmaster Fredof 1754blog

Hi, Dan I hope that you have enjoyed (your holidays) with family and friends. I was checking out the comments on your cartoons and, boy these Liberals are certainly a tolerant lot, aren't they. (Tongue in cheek) Whenever some one tells me Jesus was a Liberal, I tell them, oh no, Jesus did not tell me to take Dan Lacey's money and help the poor, He told me to take my own money and help the poor. Felt I had to throw my two-cent's worth on that subject. In any event, Thanks a lot, I have reccommended your 'toons to many people.... emailer Joseph

Thanks for a thoughtful website. You are unique. -emailer Cindy

Thank you for making such an inspirational, Christian editorial cartoon. As an amateur cartoonist, I simply adore your political cartoons. You have such a cute style of artwork! :)

God bless you, and I'm looking forward for more, so you better notquit, no matter what happens! ~Fan of Faithmouse

Hello, I've been honestly enjoying the comic the last couple of days (came to it in a roundabout way from Portal of Evil), and I think it's some kind of surrealist genius, even though I don't necessarily agree with all (or any) of the conclusions you reach. -Evan

A new link we've added to the sidebar is We checked out this site and strongly recommend it for anyone reading Our Word. They are saying things about our culture that need to be said, and doing it in a way that is very accessible to people. When you've looked at the cartoons, read some of the comments sent in by people*. If it's true that you can often judge a man by his enemies, then I think Dan's "enemies" prove that he's doing the Lord's work. Some of the comments will make you mad, but let that righteous indignation turn to prayer for these people, some of whom have a great hatred of God and Jesus, that they will turn their energy and their souls over to Him, Who can do all things. -Judith and Mitchell Hadley Our Word and Welcome To it. (*negative commentary removed.)

Just stumbled onto your web site and wanted to express my appreciation for your art and your brave and correct stand on the issues. Keep up the good work - I've included your site as part of my "Favorites" directory. - Al

I discovered Faithmouse on comic sherpa. Of course, that led me to your site. Great comic and a great site. I have a special appreciation for Christian cartoons, but yours stands out. Not only is the artwork superior, but the writing is sharp as well. The concept of the comic as an ongoing editorial cartoon is unique. Your messages are clear and direct without being overly "preachy". There is also an edge to the work that I find very appealing. Many Christian cartoonists go for the mild and meek approach, which dilutes the quality of the overall work and message. Keep up the great job. -David

I've been reading Faithmouse for a while. I am a Christian, yet I do struggle. I'm also a United States Marine. I have to thank you for your support of our president and for the support you have for my brothers in Fallujah. I also thank you for your pro-life stance -- abortion is the greatest evil in America today. -name withheld on request

While I do not agree with virtually any of your opinions, you have a right to voice them just as much as the liberals do. Both sides trying to eliminate each other's opinions is a hypocrisy. That said, I do enjoy your artwork, and I can say that your artwork is very well done, in both the right and left wings - Tarik

I'm a huge fan of your work, and a daily visitor to your site.... Thanks for your great cartoon. I look forward to it every day. God bless you and yours over this holiday season. - Clifton

I found your artwork and site through a link on NewsMax. What a great cartoon and message. As a member of the Army, I would like to thank you for both your stand as a Christian and your support of the Military. I go to work every day defending the rights of others and their right to freedom of speech. It is a pleasure to know that there are those like yourself that are taking a stand and expressing the same views and beliefs that I hold dear. I go to work every day to preserve the right of OUR beliefs to be heard and made public as well. ...It is so representative of the fact that those of us in uniform can be Christians, maintain our faith, encourage each other and be Warriors at the same time. There is no conflict, but one aspect brings peace while performing our duties in the other.
Thank you for what you do and taking a stand. Your site is now my start page and I look forward to your future art. Respectfully-name withheld, United States Army

Thank you for making such a funny comic, you really have a great talent! God gave you the ability to draw, and it's great to see you are using the talent for the best. -Robert Phillips

May the Lord our GOD bless you and your faithful muse this morning. You might remember that I have made y'all the homepage for the Finance Office. What joy you bring to our world of numbers! -Wanda, Finance officer, Baptist Church

I LOVE your cartoons!! Thank you. - Dawn

Thank you for making such wonderful comics! Never stop. :) -"Shmorky

Even at my age (a lot), I look forward to the comics after reading the front of the newspaper. So many of the so-called "popular" strips have become nothing but mouthpieces for liberal causes and others hostile to our values. "Doonesbury" stopped being funny years ago when Trudeau started taking himself so seriously. On the other hand, we have rags like the L.A. Times refusing to run Johnny Hart's "BC" when there is a Christian theme displayed. I'm looking forward to the gentle, uplifting message of "Faithmouse" appearing in one of our Newspapers. Thank you for your efforts. Yours in Christ, Joseph

Your sense of humor and artistry is a talent for God's ministry. I've always been searching for some light Christian humor for some friends who cannot see things optimistically. Now I found it. -Christina

Hello again, Dan... Been a brief while since I wrote -- there's a whole lot of activity in this world of ours lately. The pictures from Fallujah, the death of Pat Tillman, the al-Qaida bombings in Madrid, the continuing chaos in Afghanistan (largely dwarfed by the war in Iraq), the pictures from Abu Ghraib, the footage of Nick Berg's execution, the betrayal of state secrets by Mr. Chalabi, the apparent sanctioning of prisoner torture by our own leaders... this insanity seems to go on and on and on without a pit stop, doesn't it? And it required the death of Ronald Reagan to take our minds off of all that. Up front: The main reason I'm writing again concerns the 6-6-04 entry of faithmouse in ComicsSherpa. So far, it's the best memorial to Reagan I've seen. There's a whole lot of utter nonsense emanating from both Reagan's harshest detractors and his doe-eyed fans these days, and your modest entry transcends all of that. Good -- I'm glad I saw it. - email from JY (6/10/04)

Best of luck to you with your excellent work. Sincerely, David Limbaugh (author
of Persecution)

Hi Dan, I read Faithmouse everyday. I thought it was about time I emailed you. I really like Faithmouse; keep up the good work. I believe that the Lord wouldn't necessarily have us look at our own political party through rose-colored glasses, but see it for both the good and the bad. I read both conservative and liberal editorial cartoons daily. I'm a conservative, but I must say I sometimes like hearing things from a fresh point of view because it may have been something
I overlooked. I guess it's just my personality not to be so loyal to someone that I defend them even when I think they're wrong. -Joseph Ward of AmongWolves

Thanks for your encouraging email, especially the part about keeping on when nobody seems to care. I've wondered many times over the past few years if anyone really cares about what I'm doing, but just when it seems that it's all a waste of time I get an email from someone who has been blessed by the Sheep Comics. I never wanted the Sheep Comics to be political, at least in the sense of "right"versus "left". However, the Doonesbury strip to me went beyond politics and into raw bigotry, so I felt compelled to respond.Thanks again for the encouragement. God Bless, Web Shepherd of Sheep Comics

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