Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Comments for the week of January 16, 2005

Ramblings for Saturday-
An act of God (i.e. snowstorm) cost me the opportunity on Friday to meet both Janet Parshall and Michael Medved. Oh, the injustice!
I've created a new 'What is Faithmouse' page-Dan

Ramblings for Friday-
I'd like to thank emailer Chuck (and others) for effectively talking me out of most every change I've been making to the site during the past few days. All the galleries and files will be back in place later tonight. So, I'll buy more bandwidth....okay.
A revision of today's toon is in the works.

Today's AP Story - Midwive's Deaths Affects Indonesia's Newborns helps explain the 'Lamaze' cartoon of a few days ago. -Dan

Ramblings for Wednesdays-
Chris and I saw The Polar Express last night in Imax 3D. 3D or no, it's a superb film. -Dan

Ramblings for Tuesday-
A complimentary posting of a cartoon from the current series can be found at Linus from Singapore's Cucumblogs. Nice dragonfish pic!

Most of the 'set-up' panels are now complete for the current series, although I'm still planning to make changes to a few of the previously presented toons. Today's cartoon is a rework of yesterday's cartoon, which was only uploaded to Men's News Daily (I was in a flying rush.) The cartoon of the 15th has been revised as well. There's a companion cartoon which closely follows the U.S. Mercy toon, which by the way is still underway from San Diego to the Indian Ocean-a thirty day voyage (the hospital ship, not the cartoon). This week we should trod more firmly into the story lline. -Dan

Complete 'tsunami' series to this point...

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