Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tsunami email

Ramblings for Monday-
Here's a recent email from a fan regarding the current series-

Dear Kim,
Thanks for the thoughtful response. I won't go into responding to your points. I think you should just wait to see how the series pans out.

You're very welcome, and thank you for your own. :) I do intend to check back with the series as time goes by, and I'm sorry if my assumptions have been very off-base.

One of the reasons I believe I've been able to develop and improve the cartoon is that I consider the viewpoint of those who have strong criticisms of it. I think that my cartoon covers a lot of unexplored territory, and I try now and then to take some risks. I appreciate your interest in my work, even though (allow me to make the assumption here) you have a very different viewpoint than mine both theologically and politically.

Not so much as I would have been a year ago, actually, but still quite different. Though just to quickly mention here, while it's sort of off-topic, I do appreciate a lot of your Gay Bear series. I've had at least three gay Christian friends over the years, and by mentioning their struggles you're discussing something that's often overlooked or covered in fire and brimstone. The "gay marriage as red herring" comic is a particular favorite of mine, as whether or not anyone believes gay marriage to be immoral there's far more to be solved about American marriage than who does or doesn't get to participate. But I digress, and I don't want this to turn into a debate of values either - I'm glad to agree to disagree. :)

I try to keep the idea as I'm exploring it fluid and open to interpretation, not only for the audience but also for myself. That's because I realize instinctively that ideology can kill an artistic impulse, even though I may very much agree with a certain viewpoint and wish to communicate that to the audience. That's the reason a number of my 'message' cartoons, about subjects I really believe in, haven't made very compelling cartoons. So, your observations are very intriguing and, because I work off of subjects which intrigue mewherever I may find them, I believe your feelings will influence the series.

I've noticed your regard for dissenters, to the point that you freely post their comments, and it's part of what made me more eager to email you and see your response. I appreciate your ability to acknowledge criticism, and especially the fact that you might actually let them influence your work on some level. Thank you.

I'm not trying to avoid your questions, but that's why I balk at 'debating' the political and theological points of the cartoon, especially while I'm still developing the idea. I'm more than able to defend my muse, but I don't want to drain all the interest out of a particular series before I finish it. I already have a few series I feel pretty guilty about not finishing, because I've already finished them in my head. So, all I can say again is that you've made some very good points.Everything is put back a few days because my crash (you missed a great opportunity to make the joke 'Jesus saves, why didn't you?') so I probably won't pick up the series until Sunday or Monday. However, I am making a few changes to yesterday's (which is again today's) cartoon. Something you may wish to keep in mind is that Ms. Starmole is a fake. She doesn't really believe in anything. I'll try to make a better point of that in the cartoon.

I think if you watch the series, you'll see it become pretty dark, and then light again.

I know this doesn't answer many of your questions, but I hope it's an improvement upon my frantic and exhausted response of this morning.

God bless!

As something of an amateur writer and poet, I can totally understand the draining of the muse as well as its evolving nature. So I'll end my emails here until the series is done. :) Thank you very much for all your comments and insights into your work, and I look forward to seeing how it pans out.

God bless and Happy New Year!

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