Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Father on Earth, Father in Heaven, In Progress

New cartoon in the Francis series, in progress...

Salvage at Hairy Fish Nuts ( has a new post regarding the current series. Here's some excerpted commentary and comments from his site. For younger children placed in front of the computer by their parents, much of this will go over their heads; for older children who got here on their own, I believe they can handle it-

Gaybear no more!
All it took was the love of a Christian woman apparently:
And all his Gayness vanished in a puff of wow they really don't understand homosexuality in any way do they?
Gay isn't a choice, it isn't a condition, Jesus isn't going to "cure" it ...
I'm a big fan of Faithmouse, party because I am crazy jealous of Dan's (the cartoonist) illustrating talents but mostly because it's just such pure wingnut. Oddly Dan himself seems like a super decent guy, go figure.
He also inspired my own comic strip about the unborn...

So you think homosexuals decided one day that they are going to pursue same sex relationships instead of opposite sex relationships? -shoelace414

Shoelace414, nobody knows if gays are born gay or if it's something they become later. A lot of idiots like to pretend that they know for sure that gays are born gay... -Stankleberry

Except, you know, the gays themselves. Could ask them. If, you know, you really wanted an answer and not a talking point....And (it's not, but) so what if it was a choice? People freely choose their own religions and that doesn't seem to bother other people...-Uncle Mike

UM: The more homophobic a person is, the more they're in denial about their own sexual orientation. It's a fear thing. -Dave

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