Thursday, February 16, 2006

Punchline, In Progress

Preview of the current series cartoon, in progess....

I've pulled the 'Chris Matthews Hardball' cartoon in progress from the blog and put it on the backburner to simmer for the rest of my life. I still owe Nicholas Stix at Intellectual Conservative a promised Matthews cartoon, but that wasn't it. If anyone wishes to draw a cartoon of Hardball's Chris Matthews interviewing 'The Peace Quail' they are certainly welcome to the idea. It sure seemed like a funny idea at 2 A.M. Wednesday morning.
Thanks to a number of recent posters and affilates; 4 Given 4X4 has posted the Valentine's Day toon, as has Takara at Tulip Field Of Dreams and fellow MN blogger Chris at Because I said So in response to an article by Los Angeles Times columist Ann Lamott. Niki at the The Hahn Hunting Lodge has posted the cartoon feed on her front page. Stupent Impulse has added the the feed to their news page. River Reporter has a positive post, as does simracingconnection, marquette.rivals, and Pookie18's Today's Toons at Free Republic, but all within non-child safe content. Critical recent posts on a number of sites all contain mature content.
Chris and I had a wonderful Saint Valentine's Day. Hope you did too!

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