Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hairy Fish Nuts Weighs In

Commentary from Salvage's Hairy Fish Nuts ( regarding the current 'Gaybear/Francis' series-

Gaybear no more!
All it took was the love of a
Christian woman apparently:
And all his Gayness vanished in a puff of wow they really don't understand homosexuality in any way do they?
Gay isn't a choice, it isn't a condition, Jesus isn't going to "cure" it anymore than he's going to "cure" me of wanting to give Lindsay Lohan some of my love bugs.
I'm a big fan of Faithmouse, party because I am crazy jealous of Dan's (the cartoonist) illustrating talents but mostly because it's just such pure wingnut. Oddly Dan himself seems like a super decent guy, go figure.
He also inspired my own comic strip about the unborn, for which I ran out of ideas pretty quickly. A shame because I'm pretty sure that America is ready for an angry homicidal aborted fetus. I'm also pretty sure he's the only comic character to be killed off by being born.
Oh wait, no, that sort of happened to Magneto in Defenders #16...
I can't believe I remembered that.
No one tell Lindsay, she thinks I'm cool.

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