Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Free Republic Discussion on 'Conceived' Cartoon

Here's my reply to Freeper dropandgimme20, who disagreed with the 'Conceived in Justice and Liberty' toon which I posted as a thread on Free Republic-

We fought the Nazi because they were evil, and wanted to conquer the world with evil. We knew all about Nazi eugenics, and were horrified. The full extent of the horror-of killing the disabled and the retarded, medical experiments, and the scope and true reason for the death camps were discovered first by our troops, who cried at the site, as any healthy person would and should.

When our ships were attacked by suicide pilots, there was no explaining the sort of madness which could drive a culture to sacrifice the lives of young men in such a senseless manner.
Again, this sort of senseless disrespect for life was also outside the scope of our understanding.

Our troops died to protect American values, the traditional and time tested values of faith and family. It's both valid and honors the sacrifice of our grandfathers and fathers to know that they weren't dying for an America which allows court ordered mercy killings, or the elimination of complete classes of people, such as children with Down's Syndrome, before they are born.

If you say 'we can't make this sort of point because we don't want to sound like the liberals' who have taken the truth and twisted it into propaganda, then all you are doing is giving the playing field and the moral highground to them. You're saying that we can't declare that our troops actually fight for what is right, because morality is relative. That's the relativist's position...not the traditional, Christian and conservative one.

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