Thursday, April 20, 2006

Letter from Blake Smith

Blake Smith is the son of Oklahoma Trooper Steven Smith, who's memorial portrait and subsequent revision I've posted in the past on this site.

Blake has sent me this very kind letter about his father. I appreciate his allowing me to share it with the visitors to this blog as well-

Mr. Lacey,

Thank you very much for taking the time to honor my father through your gift of art. Your drawing touched me and made me very happy. The loss of my father will never be forgotten thanks to people like you who take their time to honor fallen heroes. When I first came across your drawing it brought a tear to my eye. It made me sad but extremely proud at the same time. My father was a very great man and impacted many.

At his services OHP Chaplin Sam Garner made this statement and I'l never forget it- "Steve always lifted others when he should have been the one needing the encouragement." My father always put other people first and always lived life to the fullest. Chaplin Garner said, "Steve lived more in the past 6 and half years than most people live in a lifetime." My father never gave up. I can remember taking him the therapy and seeing him work hard. He worked hard because that was all he ever knew.

Before his accident, dad not only worked as a State Trooper but ran a lawn care service on the side. I can recall one particular lady he mowed for. She was about 75 and extremely sweet. Dad helped her plant flowers and did all kinds of extra chores for her. He would always ask if she needed anything and took care of those needs immediately. Dad was like a son to her because her family lived out of state. He was like that with everyone. Dad helped people and helping people was what he did best.

I think of dad very often I miss him very much. It hurts not being able to call and say "Hello" or "I love you" but I still talk to him everyday. He was an awesome father and role model, and I loved him very much. His memory will always be with me and I hope that I will become the man that he was because, my father, Trooper Steven R. Smith was the most respected man that I have ever known!

Thanks Again,
Blake Smith

Logan Hall 1st and Ground Floor Resident Assistant
President of Residence Halls Association
Oklahoma Boys State
Sons of The American Legion Member

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