Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stop The ACLU / Easter Sunday

Jesus enters Jerusalem
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For The Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU

Yes, I know-my ACLU ferret looks like a member of the ghostly trio. Later this evening I'll replace the inked ferret with a penciled ferret, which is how I should have approached the character in the first place. For now I'm flat out of time. Something about answering haloscan posts and emails when I should be creating new work. I'll post any new (non-obscene and threatening, please) comments later this evening as well.

Thanks to lynn minmei and Typical Pickle Conflicts at Hipinion for posting a number of recent toons.
Congratulations to Guy Adams, faithmouse fan and Deputy National Grassroots Director of Dr. Alan Keyes’s Renew America, on his upcoming interview with Alan Colmes. Everyone I've ever known or will know, will, at one time or another, appear on Fox.
I received this email from a goon at SA-
I thoroughly enjoyed it. : ) I became a member of the forums a few years ago, and I fully agree with the horrible atheist sentiment that it emanates. The few who speak out against the blasphemy are labeled 'trolls', 'idiots', etc. and are generally banned by the administration or ignored and banished by the community. This has scared the few other religious folk to the point that they will not dissent, that they will just let such ignorant, liberal blasphemy be shat out on the internet. However, the forum community has taken quite a shine towards you, and I'm sure they'd pay some attention to you and your ideas if you were to post there. It would also bring a few other of us Christians members out of the woodwork, and we'd all have a chance to speak our minds.
I've been a fan of your work for quite some time, and would be honored to back you up on the forums. I'll even buy your account for you, if you're interested. Thanks in advance for (hopefully) responding, and thanks for your great comics.
Well, that's nice! The Easter bunny delivered my Awful Mart certificate in an email basket this morning. I am now officially an uberconservative Catholic 'goon'.
Happy Easter!

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