Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Limerick In The Desert (In Defense Of Father Robert Altier)

First off, a disclosure.

You may have read in an earlier post on this blog that Father Altier was the celebrant at my wedding ten years ago at St. Agnes in St. Paul. Here's a picture from the ceremony which displays all parties in true perspective-

Father Altier officiates at the wedding of the original faithmouse

I'm not a personal friend of Father Altier, although he knows me well enough to have remarked at a recent function at St. Agnes (for which Chris and I acted as witnesses) that he doesn't recall seeing me in church as of late. I believe Chris told him once that we no longer live in St. Paul, he forgot-that's how well I know Father Robert Altier and he knows me. His direct contribution to the trouble I have in mind is nil.

I know him better, as do many others, by way of the homilies which I USED to read on the A Voice of the Desert site. Along with Father John Zuhlsdorf (a friend and colleague of the original faithmouse from their renaissance festival days together) he's one of my favorite collared conservative writers. Now he's been truly collared-or at least his online presence has.

This cartoon is meant to be the first in a series presenting a prolonged limerick in defense of Father Altier, with accompanying goofy pictures. It will continue over the next week or three, punctuated with Stop The ACLU cartoons or anything else which might happen to feed my goat. I'll try not to be harsh, although the limerick obviously has as antagonist in the person of Archbishop Flynn. This time around I'll refrain from having Providence zap the Archbishop with a lightning bolt, as happened in this cartoon from last year regarding the Rainbow Sashers controversy-

Click cartoon for larger image. Largest.

Father Altier welcomes prayer for his situation, and has requested that anyone inclined to directly contact the Archbishop to do so with an attitude of charity.

Therefore, let us be charitable with humor.

I have a few refinements to the Vatican Kitty cartoon in mind, and perhaps some follow-up B16 hier, katze katze toons as well, all inspired by the fact that every time we wash our cats they're convinced it's murder. Confession's the same way.

Thanks kindly to Father John Sistare at 'Not So Quiet' Catholic Corner for displaying the lawnmower toon. I Love Volchat at has posted last Sunday's ACLU toon.

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