Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lord How Time Flies / 'Kiss' Panel

Click cartoon above for larger image. Largest.

One panel from a full page comic in progress.

For those who may be concerned, this is only a flashback in Faithmouses' mind to an earlier event. It isn't happening currently in the plot line, which will now resume from the point where we last saw Faithmouse and Timothy A. Bear together.

To recap: Timothy fell asleep for two years in a Squealy Mattress store. When he awoke, he learned that Gaybear had found his true self through devotion to the Blessed Mother and had become Francis, the ex-Gaybear. He also had a new girlfriend named Clare. Timothy also learned that Augustine the Cat had become a priest. Father Augustine brought Timothy to a house shaped like a cross with a lot of shoes on the doorstep and a Celtic cross doorknocker on the front door. Inside, Timothy was amazed to encounter Faithmouse, her new husband Blackbear, and their six children.

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