Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pearl Necklace, In Progress

A new B16/Vatican Kitty cartoon, in progress. Should have the first draft posted later this evening.

I'm also working on a new version of the Neverborn Janet Parsall's America cartoon from 2004. Janet has allowed me to sell a few items with the design to her fans, and, as she told me last year at an event here in the Twin Cities, she herself uses the mug in the studio while she's on the air, which is beyond cool. I haven't advertised that I have the design for sale; I have too much respect for Janet to try to make money off her good name. I also haven't done so because I'm just lousy at trying to make money.
Anyway, Neverborn doesn't look like that anymore, and I haven't posted the link to my Cafe Press store because ...Neverborn doesn't look like that anymore. JPA/Neverborn fan Zanese would like to buy a few mugs, which is a great excuse to re-do the design.

Thanks to Spero News for posting the recent Stop The ACLU Parking Ticket cartoon. Much obliged to N. I. Annakindt at his multilingual moreover the dog went with them... for posting the recent B16/Vatican Kitty cartoon in Esperanto and German.

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