Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is a rather long post, so I'm completing it a bit at a time. First off, a baby cardinal pic-

baby cardinals in the nest

Can't get the camera too close to these guys now as I'm afraid of spooking them out of the nest. What's cool about this pic is that you can clearly atop their heads the ligher tuffs of feathers which will eventually become the cardinal's signature sailboat shaped crown. Hard to see all the birds at one time, but I think I can count seven tuffs in the pic above, a number which matches the number of the original eggs in the nest. So, they've all made it. No one's turned red here as of yet. Female cardinals are a much lighter shade of red than the male, so perhaps these are all female.

Thanks to Pillars Magazine for posting a cartoon on their news page. A hat tip to Adam and Andrea of posting the Neverborn 'What About My Rights?' cartoon on their Adams Web. The Phantom Bounced at Lord Of The Dark Side had added faithmouse to the blogroll. Denny Hartford has given the cartoon a nice plug on his Vital Signs Blog. Thanks to Alexa at Birth Story for a few recent cartoon posts, including this post of the 'priceless' cartoon. Poster Nuala at Taylor Hicks Fan has posted both the Discovery space shuttle toon and a recently revised faithmouse prayer toon.

Ray at our local Catholic blogsite Stella Borealis has also posted the Discovery toon. Thanks to west rhino for the plug on Shadow Of Diogenes. Link trade forthcoming on Kevin's Jarabina conservative/Christian bumpersticker site. Cyber Congregation has a link somewhere to a recent ACLU toon, and Chris at The World...IMHO has also posted a recent ACLU ferret. Thanks to Peter at Pro-Life Blogs for posting a Neverborn toon. A hat tip to Morpheus at Winners Never Quit for adding faithmouse to his blogroll.

Revisions to recent toons are still in progress; in the meantime, here's a few spot illustrations-

Drawing intended for the World Cup toon showing a group of Vatican Kitties watching the match on Papal T.V.

The second panel in the Stop The ACLU Roberta Mapleduck toon was originally meant to be read 90 degrees clockwise. Here's a detail, showing some impatient ferrets-

Detail from the same cartoon of Cuban, the stinkbug, Roberta Mapleduck's assistant. Cuban is actually quite an excellent artist, and bears more than a little resentment towards his employer.

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