Monday, July 17, 2006

Neighborhood Siren

neighborhood warning siren

Click above for larger image. Cartoon inspired by a request by CCW at his new Christian Conservative Weekly blog. I'll add a few more details to this cartoon (not everyone can hear the siren) and work it into a logo design for his site in a day or two.

Tailrank is one of the sites displaying the most recent Stop The ACLU cartoon via the latter's well distributed syndication feed. Kevin Keith at his Sufficient Scruples 'bioethics, healthcare policy and related issues' blog has posted a lengthy criticism of the recent Eviction Notice cartoon entitled You Are A Housing Project For Fetuses. Thanks to Ray at our local
Minnesotan Stella Borealis/Northland Catholic Roundtable for posting the same, as well as to Cathworld, which has included the cartoon as a recent Catholic blog highlight. Jean has posted the cartoon at her Catholic Fire.

I've posted a new page of Pope Benedict XVI and Vatican Kitty cartoons. A new cartoon for the collection called Pearl Necklace is in progress.

Between the single subject and issues cartoons, faithmouse has a timeline. I've gathered those cartoons together and posted them on a new faithmouse continuing storyline 2006 page.

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