Thursday, December 14, 2006

Black Xmas / Because Nothing Says Christmas Like Murder

Black Xmas Christmas slasher film, nothing says murder like Christmas
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Weinsteins & MGM To Release (Black Xmas) - Deadline Hollywood Daily

Sketch drawn on a Chipotle napkin (love=Chipotle) for a Devilcat / Faithmouse cartoon in progress regarding the Black Xmas Christmas slasher movie. Devilcat is shown with theater treats and movie ticket in hand, the latter of which he presents to a highly irked Faithmouse. Credit to the original faithmouse for Devilcat's dialogue, which she produced at the drop of a sombero in response to my informing her about the upcoming film.

A not-too-complicated single panel cartoon; hopefully I'll have this online later today.

Dec 14 - Finished toon posted.
Dec 15 - Revised cartoon posted.

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