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Stop The ACLU / Apoca-ACLU

ACLU Apocalypto
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The Legal Lynching of Rumsfeld-
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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Faithmouse gets a nod on Top Searched For Women Celebs with the post faithmouse forum/britney spears underwear cartoon (Under Where?) (adult content) for what seems to be no very good reason, until I found this post by Nissa titled faithmouse forum/britney spears underwear cartoon (Under Where?) on her Moreover The Dog Went With Them.
Follow this. A secular site has aggragated a reference to my cartoon, lifting it whole from a post on a fellow Catholic site, in order to enhance their own rankings. I don't know if this is testimony to the popularity of Britney Spears or faithmouse, but I sort of enjoy thinking that it might be at least a little bit faithmouse.
I feel a little guilty about my 'Underwear' cartoon, because like Britney herself it featured no actual underwear. It didn't even have a Britney. So, I owe the internet a true Britney Spears underwear toon. I was pretty lucky to pull off the first one without an uprising from my regular visitors, so let me think about it for a bit.
Thanks to Allan Keyes' Renew America for posting the recent It's The Season For The Reason toon. ArrMatey chronicles the 'Sunday Funnies' feed from Stop The ACLU at Free Press, and includes faithmouse as a searchable tag. Thanks to Allen for the post of the It's The Season For The Reason cartoon at his Is Anybody There? Carolina Cannonball at The Crescat has posted the Naughty/Nice cartoon. Thanks to longtime faithmouse fan Ed Stoffel for adding the livefeed to his front page.

Posted the following recently in a MySpace group-

Found your group and thought you might enjoy one of my recent cartoons.

Using government to suppress expression is repression. The ACLU (our leading national censor-much more powerful than the FCC) and similar groups promote a twisted interpretation of both the rights granted by the First Amendment and Jefferson's original intention of his phrase 'wall of separation between Church and State' as expressed in the Danbury letter, wherein he was assuring a Baptist church that the goverment should
not have the power to interfere in religious affairs. If you want to know who's actually defending the right to free expression in this country, try the American Center for Law and Justice and the Thomas More Law Center, where you can find documented many, many cases of anti-Christian repression which have and are making their way through the courts.

Silencing free speech, especially by using the judicial branch as a means of 'prohibiting the free exercise thereof' in public, government controlled settings, isn't free speech. It isn't, never was, will never be-no matter what the anti-Christian bigots would like for you to believe.

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