Wednesday, December 06, 2006

John Bolton / Neverborn Cartoon

John Bolton resigns as United States United Nations ambassador
Click above to view larger image. Largest.

A color, non-Bolton version of the above can be found at

Thanks to Billo at Billoblog for the hat tip. Cyclophile at his Live Journal posts Eddie's IM IN UR CULTUR, STELLIN UR CHRISTMAZ, and Sigma7 includes it in his LJ concordia discors - Picspam, pain post. Pookie18 on his Today's Toons thread at Free Republic has images posted for both Monday and Tuesday. Somewhere on this Sabai House board from Thailand is the Please Be My Valentine cartoon. DunkinDan has posted the Naughty And Nice toon on this Inside Tennessee Scout18 board; the cartoon has also shown up on this Discussions Forum religion thread. Jay Anderson has N&N on his Pro Ecclesia, and Allen at Is Anybody There? has added the cartoon to his previous Who's Naughty? Who's Nice? This Christmas In Retail post. Thanks to Fracas for the nice post of the toon as well. Kingfish in absentia has added a B16 toon to this thread. Avahari at LiveJournal considers my bad German. Count Von Tucc has added the We're Going To The Hunter S. Thompson Suicide Party! toon to his sidebar of his conttucc MySpace page (adult content).

Thanks to 'A.M' for emailing this-

I'm not a Catholic woman, I'm actually a United Methodist, but I love your Never Born cartoon character and the message. I believe that these "comics" (I hesitate to down play their power with that term) are as powerful or perhaps even more powerful than pictures and testimonies since this can reach a larger field of people. Your non-abrasive and adorable character is an excellent ambassador for your cause. -Thank you and Blessings

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