Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Faithouse, Devilcat, walking through wet cement cartoon
Click above to view larger image. Largest.

New dialogueless cartoon featuring Faithmouse and Devilcat. For What Would Jesus Download.

Thanks to Walt for posting a recent Stop The ACLU toon on his The Political Incorrect Blog: A conservative Christian’s viewpoint when the truth is not always politically correct.

While we're on the subject of being politically incorrect, Faithmouse fan Nissa has started a blog called Gay Chaste Catholic-Proclaiming His Love: There's no 'except Gay people' in 'For God so loved the world..." I'm proud that she's used a few of my cartoons in her first posts, including an older Gaybear toon. In the 'future' series from earlier in the year, which featured faithmouse married and with a family of six children, Gaybear goes straight following devotion to the Blessed Mother. Currently we're back in the present time again, wherein Gaybear is a Gay Christian and accepted by Faithmouse and friends.

So, what the point of all of this? Simply that our fellow Christian's relationship with God deserves our respect, especially if it bears signs of a personal relationship with Christ (humility, prayerfulness, and obedience to The Church being but a few). Probably the most controversial point of my portrayal of Gaybear is that he is more than a pawn of natural forces. God isn't nature; He's the creator of nature, and we have choices.

Next to Neverborn (and, um...Poot) Gaybear is probably my most controversial character, and some might consider him to be my most 'liberal' character. If anything, I use the character to make points for Christ, who loves and understands anyone who chooses to love Him.

Gaybear, a faithmouse Christmas cartoon series

It would be nice to add a cartoon or two to the a faithmouse Christmas (Secular's Department store) series which I presented this time last year. At the least I'll go ahead and collect these cartoons together on a separate page. Do my best; as you can see I've been busy.

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