Friday, December 01, 2006

Tamanho Famila

tamanho familia feliz, Sao Paulo, Brazilia

Gledson and Célida of Familia Feliz in Brazil discovered faithmouse a few years ago and emailed me for permission to use my artwork on t-shirts, postcards, or anything else which might help to promote their ever-expanding adopted family of 50 plus children. I've also met at my own home with a missionary from Bethany House who's a long-time friend and liaison for the family. I've drawn a number of cartoons for Familia's use and have given them blanket permission to use anything from my site. I haven't created anything specifically for them during the past year and a half, and so was delighted when they contacted me a few days ago for help with their music CD project.

I have fifteen new Familia illustrations to create over the course of the week or so, and so for now I need to put all socio-theo-political commentary on hold. While these mice-sized mice illustrations are non-controversial, a few should make for nice faithmouse cartoons in their own right (for example, one cartoon is for a Hebrew song called Hodu L'Adonai Ki Tov, which translates as 'give thanks to God because He is good').

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