Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Luck Of O'Bama / Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn St. Patricks' Day Painting

Completed; a painting of Barack Obama with Penelope The Unicorn which I call The Luck Of O'Bama.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Obama Unicorn Luck Of O'Bama painting

Thanks to Claire Smyth at World Of Kitsch for the post of the above.

This is a 2 by 3 foot oil and acrylic painting on stretched canvas.  I posted a preliminary image of this on Ebay a few days ago, and was able to find a few hours today to paint an oil overlay on top of the acrylic for added color and depth.

This painting would be the centerpiece of any St. Patrick's Day celebration.  If you are looking for an Irish themed painting, you can't get any more Gaelic than this.

I would be happy to overnight the canvas; please email me for an estimate regarding the shipping.  I wouldn't think it would be more than $50.  The actual painting is posted on Ebay for a set price of $200.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Luck Of O'Bama St. Patrick's Day Obama Unicorn Painting - Ebay

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