Monday, March 26, 2012

Paintings of Men / Peintures des Hommes / Dipinti di Uomini

Another in my continuing series of dipinti di uomini nudi; a portrait of an artista maschio nudo in the studio inspecting a canvas. As with all of my nudes, this is a pittura di me-

male nude paintings

Male Nude Artist In Studio With Canvas Painting - Ebay Art Auction

Not entirely happy with the background-I may do something as of yet undecided with it tomorrow.  The artificial light looks fine on the figure but makes the color seem too raw behind. Of perhaps the background is not solid enough...

I've painted an autoportrait nu, as part of my continuing series of  mâle peinture nue, with Marco my ragdoll cat before ( the 'looking under the bed' painting ) but I can't remember if I have one with Madchen, who also appears in a video from a few years ago.  Here she is with me on the kitchen counter one recent morning, inspecting my coffee-

nude male cat art

As with all of the pieces I paint for online collectors affordable art de collection, I've placed both accessibile l'arte da collezione paintings up for auction on Ebay.
Coffee With Chat Mens Figure Painting - Ebay Art Auction


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