Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mâle Peinture De Nu Artistique Vente Aux Enchères eBay

Male peinture de nu artistique; a new painting of a male nude, in the kitchen and with a greenish cast to the light-
male peinture de nu artistique

This painting uses gold and metallic acrylics and as with all of my male nude paintings is a self portrait. Painted on a stiff sheet of canvas, it can be displayed quite easily in any photo frame. A matt is unnecessary; I recommend removing the glass and adding an additional piece of cardboard behind the painting to keep it pressed into place.

One in a series of paintings I've done of a male figure in the kitchen.  The light is pretty nice and it seems I'm always there making coffee.  I've painted at least a dozen of these; they've gotten a good amount of reposts online, for example in this Dutch 'Fair King's forum.

Early in the morning while the Americas sleep I see a good number of referrers in my stats emanating from Europe searching for and finding my 'male nude paintings.' Good morning!

Mâle Peinture De Nu Artistique Vente Aux Enchères - Ebay

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