Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jon McNaughton Fine Art / One Nation Under McNaughton Parody Painting Ebay Art Auction

This is a parody of Jon McNaughton's 'One Nation Under Socialism' painting which features President Obama holding a burning U.S. Constitution. I call my version of Jon's painting One Nation Under McNaughton. As you can see, the entire painting is on fire and inhabited by malicious anthropomorphisms-

John McNaughton Obama tribute painting

Here I am a few days ago considering Jon's work and allowing the muse to fester-

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Engaged in my never ending quest to help strangers purchase affordable art online. 

Macrame pancake hat and eggs g-string courtesy of Thaddeus Valentine.

This painting replaces a previous version I posted yesterday evening which featured a 'Mad Magazine' style Obama. Not nuanced enough, and not enough art.  This works better, I think.

Thanks to the Washington Post for including a link to some of my Obama Unicorn paintings in their Artist depicts Obama burning Constitution post.

Jon McNaughton Fine Art 'One Nation Under McNaughton' Parody Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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