Monday, March 12, 2012

A Painting Of The Very Rare Apple Pancake WALT Art Auction

The sale of the super rare 93 Apple WALT prototype came and went so quickly on Ebay, I thought I should offer an auction to compensate-a painting of the even rarer Apple Pancake WALT-

the oh so rare apple pancake WALT

The Pancake Walt never went into production as the only prototype was eaten in anger by outsted CEO John Scully at Macworld in Boston and immediately washed down with a sixpack of lukewarm Pepsi. 

I have listed this exceptional painting on Ebay with a starting bid of .99 cents, which is less than 1/500th the cost of a new Ipad, the latter which although you may love it dearly probably will not increase in value because at one point or another you will drop it.  You may drop this painting as many times as you may like and although it will suffer indignity it should not depreciate as a result.

Rare Apple Pancake WALT Prototype Painting - Ebay Art Auction

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