Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Comments for the week of January 23, 2005

Ramblings for Monday-
As is our habit I'll be relocating these comments to our adjunct blogmentary this evening. A new cartoon will also be posted later today.

Faithmouse continues it's modus operandi of 2005 as a continuous story line. Thank goodness as events warrant that my characters are able to stop and pray about any particular situation, no matter the geographical location of their current adventure (Thailand.) Events on Sunday in Iraq rightly delayed the arrival of Professor Ferret. I'll be backtracking a bit this week and adding a few panels to the story line already presented. Also, a rather nice placard for the series is in the works.
Pookie18 has posted an especially large toon collection for today on Free Republic.

Ramblings for Sunday-
Faithmouse has been nominated in the category of Best Evangelical Blog-Humor at the 1st Annual Evangelical Blog Awards at Evangelical Underground. The awards have been generating a lot of good publicity by way of sites such as Captain's Quarters, Evangelical Outpost, La Shawn Barber, The Roth Report, etc. It's nice to be nominated. Thanks, Eric!

Ramblings for Saturday-
A hearty welcome to our new affiliate Damascus Road. Today's cartoon (in progress) is by special request of faithmouse fan Joseph Volpendesta.

Ramblings for Friday-
Hats off to Kevin Lauer for reminding me what year it is. What, it's 2004 already?

Ramblings for Thursday-
I would love to talk to the long time visitor to this site from Turin, Italy (a city Chris and I visited during the Jubilee Year to view the Shroud of Turin.) Please email me sometime! Deciding to move away from hand lettering on the cartoons (in order to save more time for the artwork) has made me realize how much I detest font lettering. I officially retract my pledge
not to hand letter. Forget I ever said it! I was whacked out on hot chocolate at the time.
Today's cartoon is a reworking of yesterday's toon. The only part I could salvage was the center panel.

Ramblings for Wednesday-
Former faithmouse affiliate DebateUSA.com is for sale, due to a serious illness in owner's Jamie Walker's family. It's a great domain name, and the purchase would go to a good cause. Click logo for more information.

'St. Paul' at Fraters Libertas posted a nice link to the toon, after I emailed him and the other folks at Fraters after reading an article about fellow Minnesota
bloggers in the Pioneer Press during a Culver's run with Chris. Atomizer has a good post there about Madonna Clinton's recent show of empathy towards the never-born; yet another rhetorical feeler meant to check the temp of her own supporters as she begins to pump the gas on her four year long 'Reinvention Tour.'

Democrat lawmaker wants tiny boxing gloves on Roosters inspired me to post this moment of epiphany via Colonel Kurtz at Free Republic.

After having stood down from the cartoon for the past few days I'm cracking open the windows to let in some cool air. Today I'm doodling some character spec for Professor Ferret Nietzsche. Chris and I have moved our cross country gear a little closer to the front of the garage, in anticipation of another convenient round of fluffy stuff sometime during the next month or two. In the meantime I'm nesting and full exploring what must be a mid-life crisis by researching everything I can find about the fascinating Agnetha Fältskog.

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