Friday, April 20, 2012

Coupon Suzy With A Pancake On Her Head

A portrait of actress Shannon Moore as Coupon Suzy with a pancake on her head-

Coupon Suzy Shannon Moore pancake painting 

I've decided to just let that first portrait of Coupon Suzy sit for as long as necessary until I can decide how to finish it.  I think I just picked at it over too many trips to pizza and lost the original thematic notion. At first Suzy had a mohawk made out of coupons, then she had hair made out of coupons.  I don't know-

-but this struggle explains the simplicity of the newer portrait.  The pancake is the Coupon Suzy website and the pancake drip is a coupon being printed, which Shannon's arched eyebrow points at. That's it..but all that is necessary.

I've posted this portrait to Ebay auctions at the starting price of .99 cents.

Coupon Suzy With A Pancake On Her Head - Ebay Art Auction

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