Friday, April 06, 2012

Engrave The Name Of Love / A Custom Unicorn Painting

If you are struggling with finding that special wedding, anniversary, or engagement gift for a loving couple, you can do no better than to present them with a painting of  the two of them together and nude on a unicorn.

This was a painting ordered by a client who then failed to purchase the item; both faces and the hairstyles can be customized to complete the painting. In addition to the pancake on the gentleman's lap, I am happy to add additonal accoutrements in order to personalize the image.

The canvas is a large 2 by 3 feet in size. It would dominate any living area, and would look especially handsome in the entryway of a home, where to surprised and delighted guests it would announce- Welcome to all who enter, our love is timeless, nothing is to be taken seriously.

engrave loving faces custom nude on a unicorn painting

Engrave The Faces Of Love Here

Shipping for this item is free within the US.

A Custom Anniversary Wedding Engagement Unicorn Painting - Ebay

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  1. The solution when the couple's love is too great to be expressed...