Monday, April 16, 2012

Three New Male Nude Paintings

Two here, the third is a frontal nude, divano nudo maschile frontale, which I've posted on my adult blog.

A painting of a male nude in front of a window, male art fenetre nude -

male art fenetre nue

Another in my series of male nudes in the kitchen with coffee, maschio caffee oro nude. One of my favorites because the light is always excellent during the day for the reference photographs which I paint from-

maschio caffe oro nude

Update - The person who was originally interested in commissioning a few paintings decided not to, so I took the opportunity to put both up for auction on ebay and to also revise the paintings-

male art fenetre nue revised

More work on the upper torso. Tighter now, I think.

Male Nude On Couch Looking Out Window Painting - Ebay Art Auction

male maschio caffe oro nude painting revised

As you can see, I changed this painting the most-adding much more blue and gold. I just felt that the top half of the image was weaker than it should be.

Male Maschio Oro Caffe Nude Painting - Ebay Art Auction Original Male Nude Art Paintings For Sale

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