Monday, April 23, 2012

My Candy Pen Pal

Claire Smyth from The World of Kitsch is my candy pen-pal. We recently exchanged candy care packages; this is the haul I recently received from the nation of Ireland-

 The post card has a very nice personalized greeting on the back.

candy pen pal haul

None of the candy I received from Claire is readily available in the States.  The problem with choosing penpal sweets is that so much US candy is long established in the global psyche. That meant not much chocolate, except for the Minnesota produced Pearson's Nut Goodie, which unfortunately recently lost local ownership.  A new institution is the unique Cakedy, which I learned about just a few days after mailing. Darn!

From top to bottom I've ranked Clair's haul in order of goodness, as assessment concurred by my wife Chris who assisted.  The Caramac is basically a caramel flavored white chocolate bar, delightfully capable of making that occasional white chocolate treat a bad habit.  The Yorkie has an interior of finely crushed rocha.  The Kinder Bueno is full of hazelnut cream; good but takes a moment to get used to-American's aren't accustomed to candy which really isn't sweet.  The Choco's were fine. The Turkish Delight is a gift from hell.  The interior is a perfume flavored gel made of starch and sugar; wrapping it in chocolate was a cruel enticement.

Great fun.  Thanks, Claire!

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