Sunday, April 08, 2012

A Happy Easter Painting Art Gallery

I was really hoping to have one or two new paintings completed for Easter Sunday, but I spent most of yesterday revising my Michael Jackson painting from last week and working on a new portrait of Tim Tebow.  I'll have the Tebow posted later today.

In lieu of nothing, allow me to present a few previous paintings comprising a Happy Easter Painting Art Gallery, hereby celebrating the spirit of our Holy Lenten season-

Easter Bunny, Terminator

Easter Bunny: Terminator

Patrick the neglected and abused Pit Bull, comforted by Christ

Patrick, the pit bull who was thrown down an apartment garbage disposal and left for dead (and since fully recovered) comforted by Christ.

easter bunny with an egg on his head

In the tradition of Oolong the pancake bunny, a rabbit with an Easter egg upon his/her/its head.

Peyton Manning, Denver's New Christ

In the tradition of sports figures as saviors; a painting of Peyton Manning as Christ with a pancake on top of his head. Cross.

pieta drawing with Pope John Paul II

From when I had faith; a drawing of  Michelangelo's Pieta with Pope John Paul II as the dead Christ.

George Bush, Easter Bunny

Former President George Walker Bush and a very special friend wish you a very happy Easter.

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