Sunday, February 20, 2005

Brave bloggers follow explorer Muir into conservative High Sierras

After recently viewing a wickedly funny and very un-PC toon on the front page of Men's News Daily, I emailed the author to offer encouragement and was flattered that he took a moment to email back a very kind reply.
No more evidence is necessary that the MSM is losing the media battle than the ever present fact that Chris Muir's graceful and always brilliant Day by Day remains unsyndicated.

While faithmouse keeps her eye fixed on a distant horizon, Zed, Jan, Sam and Damon (pictured left to right above) bask effortlessly in their fab modern existence. Chris shared with me his feeling that continuing attrition in the newspaper world isn't favoring his chances to see print, but I think he's wrong.
Quality and especially truth tend to win in the end.

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