Thursday, February 17, 2005

Comments from February 13 through 17

I'm working on a revised version of the 'Million Dollar Baby' toon, which I'll post this evening sometime before those irritating claymation sheep return to haunt my dreams.

Proud I am to be a new member of the MOB (Minnesota Organization of Bloggers.) Thanks, St. Paul!
I've received some great photos this morning from Christpilot, our helicopter correspondent who has just arrived in Iraq (much more about this soon.) Please pray for him and his family, and all of our Service members.

Oh boy, well, today's toon certainly took longer than a few hours to finish. You can view the previous version of the same toon here.

I'd like thank two God inspired women: Becki of The Question Fairy for the soul strengthening email, as well as the magical Stacy Harp of MediaSoul for successfully smuggling cartoon contraband into the NRB. Thirdly I'd like to thank the original faithmouse herself for the wondrous Valentine's Day dinner and especially dessert, which was extra sweet. Hubba.

While Howard Dean and other Democrats scramble to discover what makes people of faith tick (without expressing intentions to change position on any actual issue) I believe, unlike many on my side of the aisle who have been critical of this wholly politically motivated DNC epiphany, that only good can come out of the effort. The secret for which these strategists search is to simply live the personal life with Christ as the reference point for everything. Fellow travelers who also search for Christ will judge over the long run whether the efforts are sincere or not. Democrats should act confidently in faith, and any accusations of hypocrisy should generally be ignored, as it's usually impossible to discern the accuser from the accusee, you betcha. As far as Christianity is discerned, those who equate all faiths as being somehow equal in merit (as if such a revelation could be worth the price of God's sacrifice) or who are personally offended by the concepts of sin and redemption, are deserving of suspect status from any demographic which gave George Bush the edge in the last election, which would be just about all.

Pros in the shipping business would tell you that it's imperative to hustle those packages closest to the door. One of the most promising fields of evangelization amongst the Christian conservative community are conservatives themselves. While many pure political types are appreciative of religious nuts such as I who seemingly (but not provingly) gave The Right the edge in the last election and promise similar conquests in the future, some regard Christ only as an unproven but powerful piece to play. Christians who use their own lives as an example of the honesty and practicality of the integrated life with all it's bruises and inconsistencies may be employing the best strategy for evangelization, lest the proselytizing which The Left as a long dull mantra accuses The Right of but now steels itself to wield with desperate abandon. After all, we need those doorways free for the George Soroses and Howard Deans who are doing the good work of inadvertently producing the next wave of the faithful. -Dan

I'll post the rework of Captain Wash's toon in a few hours. Also, I'll be updating the galleries below. -Dan

Hugh Hewitt and Dan Lacey  with Pookie18's Today's Toons and Blog, the  book
Look! I'm famous, but I slept through the whole thing. Your cartoonist and Hugh Hewitt in Minneapolis on Thursday. Hugh holds a copy of Pookie18's Today's Toons; I clutch a copy of Hugh's Blog to keep from falling over.

National Association of Religious Broadcasters
Today's toon was a request by Stacy Harp of MediaSoul and E-Involved. With some luck she'll be able to present the toon to Craig Parshall at the National Religious Broadcasters conference going on now until Tuesday in Anaheim, California.
Stacy describes Craig's work thusly-
The series is about Will Chambers, former ACLU attorney who finds Christ and solves really hard cases. It's a 5 book series and the final book is coming out this month. It's called The Last Judgment.

So there. Now you know why Judge StarMole is freaking out in the last panel. Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Craig's better half Janet has been kind enough to feature a recent faithmouse cartoon in her online newsletter and is allowing a few items with said design to be offered for the benefit of her fans in our CafePress shop. Thanks, Janet!

Pookie18 has posted a thread on the Hugh Hewitt/Today's Toons connection with some photos I took at the recent Hewitt/Beinart debate. Your host can be viewed in the pics in all his overworked glory.

I've come to the conclusion that you can't have an in depth discussion with an ardent leftist without somehow ending up psychoanalyzed (by the leftist.) Comparing the merits of Hillary Clinton versus Condoleeza Rice descend at some point into accusations against conservatives of being dearthly afraid of old school feminism. Owning a large car is obviously a case of compensating for much smaller physical attributes (um-height, for example.) Defending one's country (which means defending one's family and the defenseless, which Christ doesn't ask for us to leave to the mercy of wolves) is just a violent acting out of feelings of inadequacy, fear, jealousy, guilt, prissiness, what have you. Deconstructing all matters down to the personal for the purpose of revelation is a technique best left to Christ. Fellow fallible sapiens, don't try this at home! -Dan

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