Thursday, February 24, 2005

Discovery of the Tomb of Saint Paul

Archaeologists in Rome may very well have discovered the tomb of Saint Paul. The tomb was well hidden behind a plaque which read ' Saint Paul' -a place no one had thought to look for the past millennium or two. Sounds silly until you consider that, like Israel, Italy has more unexcavated sites of archeological interest than American Idol has contestants.
The story inspired me to quickly put together this collage from two photographs I took at the Basilica of Saint Paul, site of the discovery. The angle of the pics are somewhat at odds with one another, and the column in the center is a bogus device which I've used to stitch the scene together, but it gives the impression nonetheless.
The space inside the church is absolutely huge. I misplaced Chris there for about twenty minutes, which also helps to explain the recent discovery. It's just a great place to lose things.

Saint Paul Basilica, Rome, Italy.  Discovery of the tomb of St. Paul
P.S. - Consider this: the author who wrote most of the books of the New Testament (the epistles or letters) was also a staunch persecutor of the new faith before his conversion. Funny how these things happen....

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