Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Religious Liberties Amendment

This past December I drew a number of toons highlighting the expanding assault against religious expression in our public school system. I capped the series with the image below-

The cartoon was inspired by a similar proposal written by Bruce Walker which I discovered in a Dec 12, 2004 article at Men's News Daily, where faithmouse can also be seen on page two bracketed by RSS feeds from other Minnesota nice sites Powerline and Captain's Quarters.
Yesterday, Delegate Charles W. Carrico, R - 5th District of Virginia proposed Bill HJ 537 as an amendment to the Virginia constitution. Lo and behold, the bill is being referred to as The Religious Liberties Amendment. Good idea, eh?
The wording of Bill's bill is a little more complicated than mine, but the spirit is the same. It simply restates the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment as they regard religious freedoms. Such an amendment enacted on a federal level would be religious America's 13th amendment. People of faith should no longer be slaves to the biased and intolerant secularism imposed upon us for the past fifty years as the results of a disastrous series of Supreme Court decisions. Boo lions, I say! Yay-Christians!
So far I'm one-for-one in proposed amendments to constitutions. The ACLU has already come out squarely against the bill, which pretty much validates the proposal as worthy of the general public's support. Let's hope like faithmouses' hanglider the amendment benefits from the natural lift of current events as well.

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