Saturday, February 05, 2005

Comments from the week of Jan 30, 2005

Ramblings for Thursday-
I've put together a panorama from photos I took in 2000 of the roof of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. It's a rather large download (nearly two minutes on a 56k modem). I'll keep the file on the cartoon site for at least a few days (but on the adjunct blog indefinitely.) If you're game, click on the image below.

I'll post the completed toon for today ('Gaybear' onboard the hospital ship Mercy, still in route on it's thirty day long voyage to South Asia) sometime later this evening.

Ramblings for Wednesday-
Today's cartoon fought me tooth and nail but I think I won the battle. I'll fix Ms. StarMole's 'transparent hand' during my next late night excursion into Photoshop. I'm going to run just a cartoon or two on the homepage for a while (instead of the usual four or five.) Perhaps visitors will appreciate the quicker loading versus the wealth of toons, which can still be viewed here (current series) and here (archive of two months of toons before the current series.)

Ramblings for Tuesday-

I'm working on a quick gallery of some photographs Chris and I took at the Vatican during the Jubilee Year. The thumbnail photo above is of a video screen set up during John Paul's Wednesday audience, seen here below the statue of Charlemagne. I have quite a few of these photos, including a number I've always intended to scan and compose into panoramas. Considering the Pope's hospitalization, this seems like a proper time to present them.

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