Friday, February 18, 2005

No Foaming Agents

If you've arrived here via one of the links related to the illustrious Northern Alliance or the somewhat noteable Minnesota Organization of Bloggers, of which I am a shiny pink newbie, greetings! This blog is composed primarily of relocated daily commentary from the HTML site (where the toons are; much more entertaining than this dry well) a number of original diatribes, and a repeat blogroll of most of the 275 or so sites which currently link and/or show my absolutely outrageous! Christian conservative toon 'faithmouse' (online since 1998.) Some of these sites you may recognize such as Newsmax and Intellectual Conservative; many are individual fans of the toon who aren't regular bloggers but who have placed a link to faithmouse or the code for the regularly updating toon itself on their site. The remainder are regular bloggers like myself, who, like myself, can't stop talking about themselves. Good luck with me.

Now that a few visitors are popping by this locale first instead of the HTML site I'll be changing my comment posting procedure. I plan to comment here first and then syndicate to the cartoon site. I'll let you know when the procedure is complete (if and when I can figure it out.)

Much of the past commentary here may not make sense unless you can view the cartoons they reference. Many of the older toons though are still accessible on various pages at the cartoon site or on Pookie18's Today's Toon thread at Free Republic (search 'Today's Toons'.)

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