Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christian Pornography

Christians suffering from pornography addiction

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Completed version of the Angelina Jolie Naked cartoon from the previous post.

Pornography addiction is a now well recognized problem and continuing temptation for anyone who spends time online.

There are a number of online ministries offering prayer and accountability to surfers suffering from this affliction (xxxchurch comes to mind) however, I doubt they're effective at anything more than drawing a stream of new visitors to their sites, who then proceed to make too-much-information confessions as a temporary psychologicial respite before returning to a never ending search for fresh wank material.

However, anti-porn ministries may be proven effective as more than just clubs for porn addicts if they can ocassionally persuade their members to do the following-

a cure for online pornography addiction

Rats-forgot to add pentagrams to DevilCat's sombrero in the first panel. (update-pentagrams added)

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